WHAT DO YOU DO when you like someone that is already hooked unto someone else? I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. I doubt there is anyone reading this without such an episode, so let’s talk about it. 
As a young man, I have noticed that many of us, when we find ourselves in such situation, do either of two things; some will swim under the relationSHIP that seems to be standing in their way, use their mouth to make holes under it so that as soon as it begins to sink, this person they’re eyeing can jump ship to them. Some others are not that ruthless, they just stick around forming friends, with their hands under the relationSHIP, hoping it wrecks so that as soon as it does, they can make the catch. 
Now you might want to ask, what is wrong with that? But the real question is, would you be happy if it was your partner that is being hunted that way? Luke 6:31 says – Do to others what you would want them to do to you[NCV]. As God’s children, our motives are always very important in all we do. 
Personally, I have decided not to ‘play the Jonah’ in anyone’s relationSHIP. Y’all remember Jonah? It was his presence that was causing problems for everyone else on that ship, and even though he knew, he only told them to throw him out, he didn’t decide to jump out himself (I guess you now know what to do to that Jonah in your relationSHIP… #JustSaying). 
I believe, that God has more than enough awesome ‘‘bae/boo’’ to go round for everyone and He knows how to get yours to you without you causing anyone else pain. Always remember that the God who sees in secret, knows how to reward each person adequately, either good or bad.


God Bless You!

*Edited by MrSuperSeyi (Original Author Unknown)

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