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Assuming a most natural regal pose, she sat on the brown marble kitchen slab, at the Okon-Umoren’s, adorning a peach lace dress, silver beaded necklace, silver earrings and immaculate makeup. Her lips were done with a professional mixture of lip gloss and lip stick. I suspect she had just reapplied it for it had the appearance of slick baby pink dripping moisturized lips – looking yummy. Her braided hair was packed up in a bunch – she said this was to prevent her from sweating due to the heat. In all pure honesty I wanted her to drip with sweat. I find my woman covered in glistening sweat irresistibly hot. She looked – looks – very gorgeous, perfect in my sight, soft to my touch, subtle to my hearing.

Our church group had continued ‘fellowship after fellowship’ (something we call ‘faf’ in my locality and have graciously coined a continuous…

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