Do we all walk our own set, predetermined path in life? Has everything that’s happened to us so far in this life happened as it should? Do our conscious choices mean anything? Or does it matter because the outcome is already written in the stars? Is it?

Are there truly infinite possibilities or does everything we do, every choice we make, lead to one inevitable outcome? Has the future already been written and we’re simply walking the Yellowbrick road? Or is “Destiny” something else entirely?

Is it our destiny to forge our own ending? Are we playing an open-ended game and all of our choices influencing an outcome unwritten and unheard-of? Are we meant to blaze our own trail through the old, dried brush of monotony? Do each of us have the ability to burn brighter than any of our predecessors?

I believe we do. But then what is it that so often stops us from doing just that?

Is it the fear of failure?

Are we afraid that we are incapable of greatness?

Or are you afraid of judgment and criticism?

No, no, don’t fear. And don’t begrudge them for that either. Those people who look down their noses at you simply have not found a way to overcome their own fears. On the surface, they may seem unaccepting and judgmental. That’s because they themselves are afraid. But when they go home and lay in bed, a million and one thoughts going through their mind; thoughts of fear, of doubt, and insecurity.

At that moment they will remember you. They will remember the passion that burned in your eyes. They will remember the light that seemed to radiate from your very soul. It is in that moment you will have change someone’s life forever. It is in that moment that they, like you, will realize that “destiny “, is written by your hand.

–Aeryk Resch

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