Your behaviour could be the reason behind you not getting promoted at your workplace.

Personal image and etiquette expert Anna Musson said that it is never just one thing which could help ruin your career, asserting that it is all the little things put together, which creates an overall bad impression.

1. One of the habits that could ruin your career is drinking too much at an office party, reported.

2. Another habit is that people should avoid is over promoting, under delivering or just plainly lying.

3. Then there are people, who ask for feedback and then not like it, even this can amount to career suicide.

4. Another reason which leaves people stagnant at their positions is believing that the word speaks for itself, as managers can be surprisingly deaf to your crowning achievements.

5. If a person wants to get ahead in their career, they should be willing to learn new things, as refusing to learn new technology leaves you behind.

6. Storming off the office in a huff can leave a bad taste in the mouth of your superior and can stagnate your career.

-Times of India

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