ATTENTION, JOB SEEKERS!!! -The amazing Whatsapp story.

Just last week I read in the news that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, Facebook acquired instant message App, whatsapp in a deal worth $ 19bn. The deal is said to be the company’s biggest acquisition.

What got my attention was another report that says two men named Jan Koum and Brian Acton were denied job when they applied at Facebook in 2009. They went back home and began to develop what Facebook is buying today. Their invention is being used by over 450million people across the globe, including you!

Friends, have you been denied jobs?Have you had to change the sole of your shoes monthly because you walk hours daily in search for jobs? Does your family and friends call to ask you about routes because you know it better than even the map in your course of job search?This is the time to start applying to no other company but your thought.

The companies you are applying to were founded by individuals like you. Jan and Brian didn’t allow facebook‘s rejection to weigh them down. They looked inward instead and created something more rewarding than what they were applying for. They both wouldn’t have earned up to $ 50M in five years if Facebook had employed them but today, they talk billions.

Turn every disappointments into opportunities. God in his merciful gesture has made thinking FREE so make maximum use of it. Think strategically. There is no job out there, especially in this part of the world. Create jobs! Be an employer!

I met a first class graduate of International business from a private University in Nigeria earning N30K monthly. Why then did you spend 4, 5 years of your life studying that course if you can not start a business and make it international? The same goes to many graduates out there. THINK! 

Finally friends, no matter how difficult, no matter how competitive it could be, DON’T QUIT! A little push, a little persistence is all you need. The breakthrough is just a step ahead.

Apply to your thought.

I congratulate you in advance on your new inventions and I pray that may you be denied every job that won’t allow you fulfill your dreams.

-K.D Oniyide
Follow: @kd_oniyide

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