A Few Things I’ve Learned So Far

The day you decide to be whom you really are and to purse

your dreams is the day you begin to unravel the mystery

behind your existence. Things are never easy at first but

each experience sharpens you, makes you stronger and

makes you determined to want to succeed and move higher

in life.

When you are comfortable, you never think about how to

make it. That dream of yours takes you out of your

comfort zone and it makes you realize what life truly is.

Some people may mock you; some may pity you, while others

may praise you. Be wise enough not to be carried away by

the praise and be wiser not to be discouraged by criticism

and pity.

Don’t wait for opportunities because they might never

come. Develop yourself and create your own opportunities

because waiting for opportunities is like building a castle in

the air. Start small; don’t wait until your parents, your

family members, your friends, or the government gives you

money before you start planning on ways to actualize your


Humility and forgiveness are great attributes of great

men. Humility costs nothing actually, but it buys

everything and the only person that is expected to be proud

is that person that created his or herself. Humility opens

closed doors and makes way when there is no way. Humble

people make friends with meaningful people because they

know when to say thank you, are not too proud to say

sorry, and are willing to always stand their ground to

defend the truth.

Forgiveness frees us from guilt and allows us to interact

positively with other people. Watch out for people who find

it hard to forgive others because they don’t see themselves

realistically. They are either arrogant, insecure or believe

that hanging onto a grudge is satisfying.

Those who do not forgive are hurting themselves more than

they are hurting others. When hurt, forgive as quickly as

possible so that you can free yourself from guilt, worry

and unnecessary loads.

Failure has an explanation, and Success also has an

explanation. The explanation for failure is often an

EXCUSE, and the explanations for success are KEYS,


Nobody appreciates, understands, cherishes or cares to

listen to the explanation of failure because they

understand that failure, coupled with its explanation

‘Excuse”, cannot produce the result they had always

wanted which is SUCCESS.

People are ready and willing to pay to hear the explanation

of SUCCESS or perhaps spend their money, energy and time

to read the books of successful people. FAILURE in itself is

not bad, but including an excuse makes it worse.

When you fail, propose in your heart to be better, add that

extra effort and believe in yourself that you can make it

rather than telling stories to make up for your failures.

The world is waiting for your SUCCESS tips.

There are four laws every successful man follows:

The Law Of Accountability:

If you have money and you don’t sit down to plan well on how you would spend the money, you will end up spending it on things you do not need, or on things of less importance.

The Law Of Becoming:

You cannot become something in life until you first become it in your mind.

The Law Of Money:

You get more money for problems solved and value exchanged.

The Law Of Sowing:

You cannot have a harvest unless you sow, you cannot get more money unless you are ready to invest the money you have with you.

These laws look simple, but they work wonders when you

apply them.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin

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