How to Turn Hobbies Into Income

Although a hobby may provide a pleasant diversion from the

pressures of everyday life, you may also be able to use your

hobby to earn extra income for paying bills or saving for

special purchases. In some cases, you may even be able to

turn your hobby into a full-time income. Several hobbies,

such as painting, writing, crafting, sports and photography,

can translate into business ventures.


Before you turn your hobby into a business, you must

determine whether there is a demand for what you want to

sell. For example, if you want to provide golf instruction,

join a local golf meetup group or check with your local golf

center to find out whether customers are inquiring about

lessons. Similarly, if you want to sell abstract paintings,

visit galleries in your area and research online art venues to

determine whether there is a market for your artworks.

Business Plan

Once you decide to turn your hobby into a source of income,

develop a business plan to help you chart a path to

profitability. A business plan can provide direction for the

business and financial aspects of your hobby, help you stay

focused on your business and persuade lenders and investors

to give you money to grow your business.


Offer classes through newspaper classified ads, online

classifieds and social media websites to help people learn your

hobby. Whether you enjoy golfing, painting, writing or

crafting, you can provide instruction to others to help

supplement your income. Classes may be held at local

community centers, libraries and coffee shops, or you can

offer individual instruction in your home or the homes of

your clients.


Offer freelancing services to clients to make money from

your hobbies. If you enjoy writing, you can join freelancing

sites such as oDesk, eLance and Freelancer to find clients

who need online or offline content. Similarly, you can use

these sites to earn income from hobbies such as website

design, programming, photography, video production or

graphic design.

Online Auctions

Sell products you produce through online auctions. Selling

crafts, paintings, sculptures and handmade jewelry through

online auction sites can help you earn extra money, while

allowing you to pursue hobbies you enjoy. Most online auction

sites allow you to set a minimum bid amount for each of your

creations so you don’t end up selling the products for less

than you spent in materials. Because online auctions allow

you to reach national and international audiences, factor in

shipping costs when determining prices for your creations.

Blogs and Websites

Promote your products through a website or blog. You can

provide content about your hobby to help establish your

website or blog in search engines, which can attract visitors

interested in purchasing your products. You can also promote

crafts, images, artwork and other items you create and

allow visitors to purchase them on your website by

integrating a payment solution such as Zencart,

1ShoppingCart or PayPal.


Are You Making Progress Financially?

Every action we take moves us in a certain direction, this

includes each time we spend. According to Robert Kiyosaki in

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, with every dollar we spend, we are

making a decision to be rich, poor or middle class. Each dollar

adds up and moves us towards a certain destination. The

problem is, most people have no clue what direction they are

heading financially. They simply take it one day at a time,

praying and hoping for the best.

Each time we act, we are creating something, whether we

are aware or not. We are causing something to happen. We

can live our lives either intentionally or by default. By living

intentionally, we have clear goals and act in alignment with

those goals. It means we are acting intentionally. We save

and invest intentionally because we want to achieve a

certain outcome in the future. We know where you are

going, and are deliberately taking the road that will lead you

there. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will

take you there.

Where are you heading financially? Are you making progress

in that direction? Is the way you spend moving you in the

direction you want to go? How do you make your spending

decisions? Do you buy something because everyone around

you has one, or you buy it because you really need it and

buying it does not derail your financial goals?

Do you save before spending or spend before saving? Are you

moving a step towards your financial goal each month or it is

a hit and miss affair?

How have you done this year so far? Have you gone past the

50% mark or have given up months ago? If you lose your job

today, what would you do if another one does not show up in

the next one year?

These are good questions to ask yourself as you go along.


7 Useful Business Skills a New Entrepreneur Should Have

There are many useful business skills that a new

entrepreneur should have. If you’re wondering if you have

what it takes to be an entrepreneur, take a moment to

consider whether or not you have the following skills and


Skill #1: Be a Risk Taker

You are going to need to be willing to put everything on the

line. There is no way to play it safe and yet be successful at

the same time.

Skill #2: Be a Decision Maker

There are a lot of decisions that you are going to need to

make, and these decisions are going to impact your future.

Nevertheless, you can’t afford to spend too much time

thinking about these things. Instead, you must simply make a

decision and go for it. Of course, you can always make

adjustments along the way, but in order to get going you

must first make a judgment call.

Skill #3: Be a Dreamer and a Visionary

Have you spent time dreaming about owning your own

business? Well, now it is time to stop dreaming, set your

goals and make your dream become a reality. However, you

must first have a vision. You will need to decide what type of

a business you want to own and in what direction you want

your business to go. These are important decisions that you

must make so that your business doesn’t get stuck in a rut.

Of course, you are going to find yourself needing to

constantly redefine these things as your business grows, but

the first step is to create a detailed vision for your business.

Skill #4: Be Driven

It is important that you have a stick-to-it attitude. After

all, you are not going to want to give up before you reach

your goal. While you may fail a few times along the way, you

will still need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and

continue to strive for your goal.

Skill #5: Be Passionate

Make sure that you really love what you are doing because

other people are going to pick up on this. Once they see your

passion, they will be more likely to do business with you. If

you are not passionate, then you will drive potential

customers away instead of attracting them to your


Skill #6: Be Confident

It is important that you never look as if you don’t know what

you’re doing. You must always be firm and decisive. This type

of confidence will help put others at ease.

Skill #7: Be Energized

You need to be excited about your business because your

energy level, no matter how high or low it is, will rub off on

the people around you. Even when things are not going your

way, it is still important to keep your spirits up.

If you possess these characteristics, then you could be a

very successful entrepreneur. Instead of wasting these

gifts, make sure that you put them to use when and where

you can.


A Lesson About Leadership

Listening to politicians’ nasty rhetoric, one might think

that leadership has to be aggressive and confrontational,

but consider this parable about leadership.

A student assigned to write an essay about an effective

leader wrote this story:

I’ve been taking a bus to school for years. Most

passengers keep to themselves and no one ever talks to

anyone else.

About a year ago, an elderly man got on the bus and said

loudly to the driver, ‘Good morning!’ Most people looked up,

annoyed, and the bus driver just grunted. The next day the

man got on at the same stop and again he said loudly, ‘Good

morning!’ to the driver. Another grunt. By the fifth day,

the driver relented and greeted the man with a semi-

cheerful ‘Good morning!’ The man announced, ‘My name is

Benny,’ and asked the driver, ‘What’s yours?’ The driver

said his name was Ralph.

That was the first time any of us heard the driver’s name

and soon people began to talk to each other and say hello

to Ralph and Benny. Soon Benny extended his cheerful

‘Good morning!’ to the whole bus. Within a few days his

‘Good morning!’ was returned by a whole bunch of ‘Good

mornings’ and the entire bus seemed to be friendlier. People

got to know each other.

“If a leader is someone who makes something happen,

Benny was our leader in friendliness.”

A month ago, Benny didn’t get on the bus and we haven’t

seen him since. Everyone began to ask about Benny and

lots of people said he may have died. No one knew what to

do and the bus got awful quiet again. So last week, I

started to act like Benny and say, ‘Good morning!’ to

everyone and they cheered up again. I guess I’m the leader

now. I hope Benny comes back to see what he started.


How Do You Solve Problems?

Useful Tips For Overcoming Your Problems

Don’t See Your Problem As A Stumbling Block:

The first thing that comes to the mind of most people with

problems is that they begin to see their problems as

limitations to their success.

The moment you begin to see your problems as stumbling

blocks, you start to have more problems because worry

sets in, fear sets in, and these are other major problems

on their own. The truth is, the way you see your problems

determines how they will affect you.

If you see your problems as the walls of Jericho (that

cannot be broken down) rather than opportunities in

disguise, then problems will affect you more than they are

supposed to. But if you see your problems as opportunities

in disguise then you will be able to tackle them and get the

message that the problems are trying to pass across to


Remain Positive:

The greatest of men are known to always remain calm

when they face problems. They are used to speaking

positively so when they face problems, they still remain


I once heard the true life story of two women that were

kidnapped on their way home after boarding a bus. When

they realized that they were kidnapped, the first woman

shouted “ori mi ooo, mo ti ku ooo” meaning that “my head

ooo, I am dead”, and immediately she fell down and died. But

when the second woman realized that they were kidnapped,

she remained positive that she would be set free and indeed

she was set free.

Staying positive is one of the keys to solving your problems

and when used well could help get you out of difficulties.

When you remain positive, you put yourself in the right

position to tackle your problems effectively.

Learn From The Problem:

There is no problem in this world that does not come with

something new to learn from it and with every lesson

comes a tangible solution.

You must understand that it is not all about being positive

and not seeing the problem as a stumbling block alone, but

also about learning from the problem itself and looking for

the way forward rather than complaining, worrying and

giving excuses.

Every problem is just like an examination and once you pass

the problem, you get elevated to the next level. Before

every examination is a lesson that brings positive answers

to the question set in the examination. The problem that

did not kill you has just added to you, made you stronger,

given you a new experience and has just tested you to

know if you are fit for the next position God is taking you


Just imagine if the bear and the lion had not come to take

David’s flock of sheep, he would not have had the

experience and the confidence to kill Goliath. He did not see

the wild animals as a stumbling block, but rather remained

positive, learned from the problem, studied the wild animals

weak points and wrestled with them until he killed them and

recovered his flock.

So many people today would have abandoned the whole flock

of sheep at the sight of just one lion. There is no

successful personality that has not passed through

problems, but the ability to learn from their problems and

apply meaningful solutions made them who they are today.

Remain Focused And Determined:

There is no battle that can be won in life without remaining

focused and determined and like a mentor of mine would

always tell me, determination is the key to great


Many people have learned from their problems and they

know what would get them out of this problem but they are

not determined and focused enough.

Have Someone You Can Always Speak With:

Not everybody is fit to share your problems with you, and

not everybody is fit to know your problems but its advisable

to have someone you can speak to, that could serve as an

advisor and a mentor to you, someone that can monitor

your progress and someone that is trustworthy and would

always be willing to listen to you.

You must be able to be accountable to this person and the

person must be someone that is better and more

knowledgeable than you. This person would be able to give

you meaningful advice, monitor your progress and also

support you in prayers.

Remember That God Is Able:

There are three kind of people I know: those that

remember God only when they have troubles, those that

forget God when they have troubles and those that always

serve God whether there is trouble or not. The wise people

fall into the third category.

You did not create yourself; he created you. God knows you

better than you know yourself and he is always ready to

help you in times of trials and tribulations only if you call

on him. He is a loving and caring father; a father who will

not leave you to face your troubles all alone, he will always

be there with you and he will see you through the


Are your problems thicker than the WALLS OF Jericho? Or

wider and longer than the RED SEA? If GOD could solve

those problems, can you understand how he can help you

with yours? He knows what you are passing through and he

is ever ready to be with you, if you are ready to let him in.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


A Few Things I’ve Learned So Far

The day you decide to be whom you really are and to purse

your dreams is the day you begin to unravel the mystery

behind your existence. Things are never easy at first but

each experience sharpens you, makes you stronger and

makes you determined to want to succeed and move higher

in life.

When you are comfortable, you never think about how to

make it. That dream of yours takes you out of your

comfort zone and it makes you realize what life truly is.

Some people may mock you; some may pity you, while others

may praise you. Be wise enough not to be carried away by

the praise and be wiser not to be discouraged by criticism

and pity.

Don’t wait for opportunities because they might never

come. Develop yourself and create your own opportunities

because waiting for opportunities is like building a castle in

the air. Start small; don’t wait until your parents, your

family members, your friends, or the government gives you

money before you start planning on ways to actualize your


Humility and forgiveness are great attributes of great

men. Humility costs nothing actually, but it buys

everything and the only person that is expected to be proud

is that person that created his or herself. Humility opens

closed doors and makes way when there is no way. Humble

people make friends with meaningful people because they

know when to say thank you, are not too proud to say

sorry, and are willing to always stand their ground to

defend the truth.

Forgiveness frees us from guilt and allows us to interact

positively with other people. Watch out for people who find

it hard to forgive others because they don’t see themselves

realistically. They are either arrogant, insecure or believe

that hanging onto a grudge is satisfying.

Those who do not forgive are hurting themselves more than

they are hurting others. When hurt, forgive as quickly as

possible so that you can free yourself from guilt, worry

and unnecessary loads.

Failure has an explanation, and Success also has an

explanation. The explanation for failure is often an

EXCUSE, and the explanations for success are KEYS,


Nobody appreciates, understands, cherishes or cares to

listen to the explanation of failure because they

understand that failure, coupled with its explanation

‘Excuse”, cannot produce the result they had always

wanted which is SUCCESS.

People are ready and willing to pay to hear the explanation

of SUCCESS or perhaps spend their money, energy and time

to read the books of successful people. FAILURE in itself is

not bad, but including an excuse makes it worse.

When you fail, propose in your heart to be better, add that

extra effort and believe in yourself that you can make it

rather than telling stories to make up for your failures.

The world is waiting for your SUCCESS tips.

There are four laws every successful man follows:

The Law Of Accountability:

If you have money and you don’t sit down to plan well on how you would spend the money, you will end up spending it on things you do not need, or on things of less importance.

The Law Of Becoming:

You cannot become something in life until you first become it in your mind.

The Law Of Money:

You get more money for problems solved and value exchanged.

The Law Of Sowing:

You cannot have a harvest unless you sow, you cannot get more money unless you are ready to invest the money you have with you.

These laws look simple, but they work wonders when you

apply them.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


What Does It Take To Be Successful?

What Makes The Difference?

Maybe You Just Need To Put A Little More (Extra) Effort

Into It

I was watching a movie this week and I noticed an actress

(who has very good eyesight) playing the part of a blind

lady and she played it well. So well that if you were seeing

her for the first time, you would think that she was a blind

actress. It seemed that this actress had taken her time to

put a little more effort into her career so that she could

play parts that other actresses could not.

Have you ever seen people digging a well before? They don’t

just stop when they see a little drop of water; they put in a

little more effort to assure that they get plenty of water.

A popular saying says that, “It is only an average mind that

would do the same thing all the time and expect another

result.” All we need to do is to put a little more effort so

that we can expect a different and spectacular result.

Are you about to give up on your academics, your family,

your ambitions, your friends, your business, your ministry,

or anything it might be?

Are you tired of giving your best because you have tried

and tried and it’s like you are not doing anything and you

have decided that the only option is to give up, or back out

of that particular project?

Why not put in a little more effort?

I know you might be wondering and pondering what little

effort do you need to put in again, when you have tried

and tried and tried and still you have not gotten any


We cannot be versatile in life if we do not put in that extra

effort in everything we do. We are kings and queens and

we deserve nothing but the best, but if we must be the best

and get the best, we must be willing and ready to put in

that little extra effort that is required to make it to the


Don’t forget that when you came into the world, people

were smiling and you were crying. We should always strive

to make sure that when we are leaving this world the

reverse is the case; people are crying and we are smiling.

This cannot be really achieved if we do not put that little

more effort in everything we do to bring the best out of

others, your community, your state, your country, your

nation, and the world as a whole.

We must be conscious of the fact that in life we have two

options: either to focus on what’s lost or fight for what’s

left. Fighting for what’s left is all about forgetting about

the past, putting on your armor of courage and bravery,

and putting that extra effort in – assuring and

determining that you not only recover but you overtake

and be better than the best you can be.

There is a space for everybody to be at the top, but those

at the top are those that have put in that extra effort,

those that never gave up, and those that are willing and

ready to overlook their failures and keep going.

You are the next celebrity and problem solver the world is

waiting for; the next professional in your field the world is

waiting for. You are the next billionaire the world is

waiting for; the next inventor the world is waiting for. You

are the next best student the school is waiting for; the

best worker your company is waiting for. You are the next

motivational speaker the world is waiting for; the next

agriculturalist the world is waiting for. You are the next

prophet the world is waiting for; the next engineer the

world is waiting for. You are the original YOU the world is

waiting for.

I know and I am sure that you have been working hard.

Why not put in that extra bit of effort because I know you

can do it, I know it’s in you, and it is achievable by you.

You are the only YOU the world has and that’s why you are

special and unique in your own way. All you need to do to

show that uniqueness is to put in that extra effort.

Thank you for taking your time and putting in that extra

effort in making sure that you read this article.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin