We move through our Spiritual and work lives through

several phases. With perseverance and attention, and to a

great extent reflection and action, life moves with us as

years progress. Along the way, we ponder our purpose, our

impact, our affect on loved ones, our community and the

world. As we expand our thinking to imagine that our life

experience follows a flow and pattern similar to others, we

learn that moving through these phases results in a

dynamic symbiosis between the Spirit within and the

resonance of what we experience.

Phase 1 – What You Do

Effort, labor, stamina, and work epitomize this initial

phase in our lives. During this time period, we gather

information and knowledge through a variety of learning

opportunities. The rigors of daily school tasks, followed by

tests and requirements of academia occupy our youth in

demanding ways. Here, we explore the various methods of

receiving information and assimilating it (learning) and

with any luck, discover which delivery method works best

for us.

Many Phase 1 “entry-level” jobs are labor intensive and

require onerous physicality for little pay. Often, they are

repetitive, menial and tiresome. Remember, this type of

work is fact-gathering, information accumulating and not

meant to be your life’s purpose or the end of the

employment vista. The back-breaking jobs are the “paying

your dues” jobs that serve to bolster us in years to come.

We’re paid for what we do.

In the spiritual Phase 1, we gather information about the

unseen. We learn about various approaches to God, dogma

surrounding worship and assess what feels right in our

hearts. Studying, listening, engaging in ritual, all serve as

channels through which we explore our relationship with

the Infinite.

Phase 2 – What You Know

Learning never ends. Phase 2 is the time to apply all we’ve

accumulated in the world thus far and capitalize on it! It’s

the glorious time for creativity, expansion, insight and the

application of knowledge. When we embrace learning, our

light shines in the darkness for all to see.

In our career path, Phase 2 is the time we see recompense

for all the effort expended earlier in life. Acquired skills

coupled with the ability (and most importantly, the desire)

to continue learning, pay handsomely during this large

portion of life. In this phase, we are paid for what we


Our spiritual Phase 2, is the practice and example-setting

phase of all earlier explored beliefs. We begin to look at life

and our place in the world through the eyes of our beliefs

and often turn to the Infinite for advice or comfort.

During this time of life we develop friendships and set

boundaries and look for deeper meaning. We wrestle with

concepts such as judgment, acceptance and free will. Here

we learn what works for and with us in our chosen spiritual

path, and what does not. We learn to make decisions with

God in mind while solidly living the human experience.

Phase 3 – Who You Know

While Phase 3 isn’t the “end,” we see it as a pinnacle of our

active lives. Think of Phase 3 as the corporate CEO of your

life. He’s probably flipped burgers (Phase 1), worked hard to

achieve success in his profession and establish a kinship

between his work life and spiritual nature (Phase 2).

In this phase our value to others is measured by the ability

to bring together the relationships we established along

the way. While this phase rarely requires or expects manual

labor, it does demand a special insight into the ways of the

world and how to get things done. The best – and

sometimes only – way to ensure forward success is knowing

who holds the knowledge, wherewithal, and desire to

accomplish a task, then assembling a team of those

individuals to perform specific functions to reach a goal

and keep them all in balance and happy. In Phase 3, we are

paid for who we know.

In Spiritual Phase 3 we receive gratification from our

relationship with God. We’ve worked hard to discover God in

our lives and practice our beliefs and now we actualize the

essence of Spirit and enjoy how it relates to every aspect

in life. When we begin to see God everywhere because of

understanding inter-relationships, we bask in a little

magic and contentment.

It’s Just a Phase

No matter where we stand in life, it’s only temporary. We

move forward and backward between various stages of our

life. Life patiently and generously offers up the same

lesson until we learn it and move on. More importantly, we

learn the lesson, learn from the lesson, and learn to avoid

the circumstances in the future.

The Infinite stays with us, ebbing back and forth like the

rolling tides of change, as we swim to the shore then dare

to venture into the ocean of the unknown. Quietly

providing buoyancy, Spirit patiently waits until we learn

enough to move on. And if we don’t, Spirit loves us anyway.

In the world of “be-do-have” all that remains is who you


— Copyright© 2013 Marlene Buffa

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