This valuable advice is shared by a young aspiring

entrepreneur by the name of “ Vincent Nguyen“.

Through his successful experience Vincent will

teach you how to contact millionaires and highly

influential people to take your ventures and ideas

to the next level.

How To Successfully Network With Entrepreneurs

& Millionaires

Just a month ago, I saw the greatest opportunity

in my life present itself.

It was linked in a tweet, strangely enough. Sean

Ogle changed my life with a simple tweet.

When I read through the entire page I only had

one reaction.

Holy crap!

There was a company based in the Philippines that

was offering an apprenticeship that would make

my life. The work itself sounded fun and I felt

qualified enough to go after it, but what caught

my attention were the extra side-benefits.

The person who was chosen would be able to move

to the Philippines for the first 6-months. Cool,

everyone likes to travel. No big deal right?

There’s more. These guys were going to pay for

pretty much all of my expenses while I’m there.

Housing, bills, food, and maids. Everything. They

didn’t cheap out either because it’s a huge house.

On top of all that, I’d be getting paid for my time

there along with the chance to earn even more

and work with them full-time if all goes well.

As a 19-year old who has been working in their

niche for less than a year, I felt like I’d be buried

by the competition. There has to be thousands of

people who saw this and wanted it. I was sure

they’re more qualified than me.

I almost ignored it. I almost listened to my own

excuses, but I couldn’t let this slip past me

without a fight.

I studied what they were looking for in a

candidate and started wondering if there was

something I could do to blow them away.

“You’re going to be reaching out to a

ton of people.”

There it is. My opening. That’s what I’m going to

leverage for my application.

I felt like I was getting hotter and hotter. Maybe

it’s because I was getting excited or someone lit

a light bulb above my head like in the cartoons. I

don’t know. All I knew was that I had an idea that

would grab their attention right from the start.

They wanted a connector. What better way to

prove I am one than to take advantage of the

mandatory video they wanted alongside the

written application?

I made a long list of 40-50 successful

entrepreneurs, authors, and internet marketers

I could reach out to for help.

I cold-emailed Michael Hyatt, John Saddington,

Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, and several others,

asking them to record a short video testimonial

for me. All I asked of them was to record

themselves, say their name and something along

the lines of “Vincent reached out and connected.”

The challenge was that most of these people have

never heard of me.

Why would they care to do me a favor?

The Result?

Out of 47 people, 16 agreed and sent me their

video. That’s almost 40%! The rest either wished

me best of luck or didn’t reply, but nearly half

said yes!

When I turned in the video to the marketing

company, they were floored. In fact, they loved it

so much that they had shared it among their

secret circle of entrepreneurial buddies. My

chances were looking really good.

Thanks to this creative journey, I ended up

befriending a few of the entrepreneurs I reached

out to.

None of this would have happened if I bought into

my own excuses. I was telling myself things like

they don’t know my name. I’m too young. No one

would take me seriously. What if I look like an


The list went on for miles. I could have just moved

on and told myself that nothing could come of it,

but I went for it. I got famous influencers to

vouch for me and the company is telling me my

chances are looking good. The Philippines is

becoming something that can be a part of my life

for the next year.

Most importantly of all, I learned several valuable

lessons from this that provided insight into how

other people worked.

1. Rejection doesn’t take anything from you.

In a lot of cases, the worst that could happen is

that you don’t get what you wanted. No one

comes and collects the things you love then locks

them away. You don’t lose anything.

At least when you get outside your comfort zone

and make a leap of faith, you give yourself a

fighting chance. If you don’t try at all you’ll end

up failing anyway and you’re stuck where you

were by default.

2. People are more willing to help than you think.

When I first had the idea to reach out, I was

scared. I thought for sure I’d get a 0% response

rate. After all, who am I to just email someone

like Michael Hyatt and ask for help?

I didn’t tell him what I did, where I’m from, or

anything that would woo him. I politely told him

the situation, how much it’d mean to me, and

that’s all. He was more than happy to get in

front of a camera to do this and that’s what

amazes me. Michael, along with 15 others, took

time out of their day to help someone they didn’t


3. When you’re genuine, people will want to help


You don’t always have to offer something in

return to get help. I didn’t swap favors or

promise to pay them back in the future. That’s

sleazy. People see right through that sort of


Instead, I was honest and transparent. I didn’t

hide anything at all. Everyone I emailed knew that

I was the only one to benefit from this and I

knew it too. Why hide behind a thin veil?

4. You can connect with anyone.

Sure, a few people ignored my request, but that’s

okay. The fact that nearly half got back to me

means a lot and should inspire you to get in touch

with a person that you look up to.

There are some people who are more difficult to

get ahold of, but that doesn’t put them out of the

realm of possibility. I didn’t reach out to Obama

or anything, but there are ways.

5. Creativity has more definitions than one.

I used to think I wasn’t creative just because I

didn’t know how to draw, paint, or do anything

artistic. I equated creativity with art and

determined that I wasn’t creative.

But creativity is the ability to do things

differently that others haven’t thought of

before. It doesn’t always come from a whim.

Instead, you have to be intentional and

brainstorm ideas. It will get you noticed and is

worth the effort.

Don’t count yourself out. You’re probably more

creative than you give yourself credit for.

6. Taking action is far better than getting stuck

wondering what could have been.

So the next time you see an opportunity come by

and you start believing your own lies, remember

what could happen. Remember that you can put

100% into what you want.

Even though the final decision hasn’t been made

yet, I learned a lot through this whole process.

What’s the worst that could happen when you

decide to go all in ?

What do you think?

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