Inspiration comes and goes . We’re supremely

motivated and inspired at times, and in those

moments we accomplish great things way faster

than we do when we’re not particularly inspired

to hustle, create, and impact the world in a

positive way.

It’s those few who are consistently inspired by a

greater purpose beyond their own gain that shape

the world we live in. So how do we join these few

in forging not only our own successful endeavors,

but seeing such profound success that the world

benefits as well?

15 Ways To Get Re-Inspired

1. Be in nature

Be in nature at least once a month. It’s in nature

that we find inspiration. It’s where we remove

ourselves from the noise of our day to day lives,

find clarity, and focus.

If you’re constantly “in it”, you’ll find your mind

will clutter, and your inspiration will flee.

Venture to the great out doors and let adventure

inspire you.

2. Surround yourself with motivated people

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out

with the most. If you hang our with millionaire’s,

odds are you’re one as well. If you hang out with

motivated people , you’re probably a motivated

person as well.

Be very cognizant of who you hang out with.

Choose your friends wisely. They’re influence on

you is unavoidable.

3. Never think you’re “there”

I’ll always think that I have to improve on my

writing – and that I have a long way to go to

being a good writer. It keeps me inspired to learn

and grow. If I thought I was a good writer I’d

not only be lying to myself, but I’d be allowing

laziness to peer its head into my life.

Laziness is the devil. Don’t think you’re great, be


4. Don’t attempt insignificant feats

Do you get excited by small goals that you know

you can accomplish with ease? Of course not. It’s

the big, audacious, bold goals and dreams that

excite you, so don’t waist your time with the

small stuff. Think bigger and be bigger.

5. Be healthy

Be healthy and active. If you’re healthy you’ll

have more energy, and if you have more energy

you’ll find that you’re far more motivated and

inspired than you are if you’re tired and sluggish.

Take pride in your health and your work. Being

healthy is a tool that you can use to your

advantage, or something that can work against

you. What’s great is it’s completely up to you.

6. Read often

Great men have always been voracious readers.

Napoleon was, as is Gates, and so was Jobs. If

you want to be inspired, pick up a book, it never

fails. If a paperback book slows you down then

you can always listen to self development audio


7. Have tunnel vision

Don’t have a back-up plan, a floor, or a ceiling.

Failure shouldn’t be an option, nor should you put

a limit on your success.

Focus on one goal, and let that one goal be the

only thing that matters.

8. Get excited by adversity

It’s in struggle that we grow. Get excited about

this. Too many allow adversity crush their

enthusiasm and motivation, but it shouldn’t. It’s

a challenge, and challenges are exciting.

Rise to them. Don’t get pushed back by anything.

9. Love problem solving

The road to success is, essentially, one big

problem you have to solve. Let that problem excite

you. Don’t look at your long, arduous road to

success as a negative, instead look at it as a

positive journey.

Your mindset will dictate how inspired you are and

whether or not you remain consistently inspired

and focused.

10. Remove negative people from your life entirely

Negative people are the cancer of society, but

they don’t need to be a negative influence on

your life. Just get rid of them, and get rid of

them now!

If you’re only surrounded by inspired people, you

to will be inspired, motivated, and happy.

11. Write 3 things you’re thankful for everyday

We far too often focus only on what we don’t

have, rather than everything we do have. The

problem with that approach is that happiness will

forever elude our grasp.

If our happiness and motivation is contingent on

a future accomplishment, when we accomplish

what we’ve set out to do, we’ll then make our

happiness contingent on an even greater

accomplishment. Thus, happiness will always be

out of our grasp.

Be happy and thankful first, then let that

enthusiasm and energy inspire you to accomplish


12. Practice success

Practice success by identifying the little goals

that you accomplish in your life. Write down your

accomplishments, even if they’re small like going

for a run or writing an article for a publication.

Practice success everyday and you’ll live life as a

successful person.

13. Be a fighter

I love a man who grins when he fights. Winston


I love that quote. It reminds me of the song

Fighter, by Bruce Springsteen. Enjoy adversity.

Welcome it. Adversity is what will make you

stronger. It’s only through great adversity that

great men and women reach accomplish what

they’ve set out to accomplish.

If success was easy, everyone would be there.

Get inspired by your struggles just like a fighter

gets motivated to step into the ring and see what

he’s made of.

14. Eat healthy

Eating unhealthy leads to depression and obesity.

It’s nearly impossible to be inspired when your

body is uninspiring or you’re depressed.

As a simple rule for eating healthy, eat only

things that you can pick or kill. Your diet should

be made up of things that come from the earth.

Stay away from anything man-made or packaged.

15. Study greatness

There are patterns to success. The more you

study great people, the more you’ll see these

patterns and incorporate them in your own

life. Don’t, however, merely read about great

people, study their lives. If you can, read about

what others close to them have said, read articles

about how they accomplished greatness.

Greatness inspires. The more you see that

success can, indeed, happen, the more you’ll be

inspired to accomplish your own audacious goals.

You can even read inspirational quotes , that will

be sure to motivate you and shift you into the

right frame of mind to be openly inspired.

What do you think?

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