I am amazed at the number of people, walking through life,

deadened to the purpose for their living. They while away

their time emulating the way others live, instead of living a

positive life of their own.

They live from a couch, watching a TV set; they sit at their

computers seeking satisfaction in information and games;

they live for the latest Iphone, Ipad, Xbox, or other

electronic gadget. With the push of a button, they expect

the abundant life.

They are beings, with a light of special gifts, talents, and

experiences. I want to tell them to wake up and share of

themselves with a darkened world that needs their light.

Where is their ambition? What is their purpose for living?

We were put here to bring light to others. We need to have

goals and expectations and work towards accomplishing

our aspirations.

What is our responsibility for the privilege of living in this

world? As the sun lights our days and the moon our nights,

we are being called on to light up the lives of those around

us. Think about the power of light. It makes sight possible.

It allows us to see things the way they really are. It

eliminates the darkness. With the power of your light,

darkness retreats.

You have the capacity to bring love and joy, care and

compassion, and inspiration and motivation to others in

this world. It begins with your thoughts and emotions and

is brought out through your actions. What would it mean

to light the world around you with great hope, desire, and

possibility? When you change just one life, you start to

change the whole world.

Start with yourself. Be honest and true. Be able to laugh

at yourself. Admit when you’re wrong and apologize.

Always show respect for others. Bring value to other’s

lives. Be grateful. The more you nurture your own light,

the better you can illuminate the way for others. A candle

loses nothing by lighting another candle. So, it is with us.

When we give of ourselves, our light is not diminished, but

aids others who are still in darkness. A realm of light is

needed to overcome the darkness of this world. God put you

here for a purpose. Learn what He has for you to do and

passionately shine your light into the world.

Even now, there are countless others in need of the

guidance, security, and inspiration of your light. So, be a

light in this world, every day that you live. Live in the light

of eternity.

—Bob Stoess

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