This is the question that is often asked in every love and

relationship gathering, forums, group and meetings. A

very large population of people actually said it is love; some

is trust and to other is humility. But none of the

aforementioned attribute above is the most important

thing in every relationship. The most important thing in

every relationship is …..huh! Did you raise your hand up?

Ok tell me, hmnn hmnn amm……???? Ok ok ok, it is not what

you think, it is actually COMMUNICATION. Yes you heard me

right; communication is the most important things in every


Without communication, no relationship will ever stand, even

if there seem to be love, it will falter as times goes on. When I said communication, it is not any type of communication but an effective communication and it is on this that love stand, you cannot love someone and fail to communicate with the person.

Immediately there is communication gap in a relationship,

just know that, the relationship is gradually heading to the


No wonder lovers will want to stay on phone and talk and

talk and talk as far as time permit, even if there is any

kind of discomfort, they wouldn’t mind. If one party

mistakenly cut the call, when next the call is initiated, the

first question that will be asked is why did you cut the call?

That is why effective communication in very important in

every relationship. The level of your communication with

any kind of person will determine how important that

person is to your life.

You can’t even claim to love God without effective

communication with Him, let alone man. If you love me,

then we have to communicate well. So, if you have not been

communicating well with your partner? Just try and give it

a try, you will be surprised on how deeper your love with

your significant other will goes. If you are having trouble

in your marriage, it is because of communication gap in

between both of you, try to look for a medium where you

can communicate and make sure you communicate well, in

no time the problem will be over.

What did you think? Did you think there is another thing

that is much more important in relationship than effective

communication? Please share your thought

below and let other people reading this article learn

something from you.

What do you think?

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